The Westside Way
June Calendar
1          JOY Group – 5:30 pm in Fellowship Hall

4         REFRESH – 9:00 to 9:45 am, Elective Classes – 9:30 am, Morning Worship – 10:30 am

4         Creativity In Action Meeting (CIA)  – 6 pm

4-9      Jr. High Camp at Hidden Haven

 7        NO BIBLE STUDY!

           Elders’ Meeting – 6 pm

11       REFRESH  – 9:00 to 9:45 am, Elective Classes – 9:30 am, Morning Worship – 10:30 am

11-15  Junior Camp at Hidden Haven

13       Cooks to Hidden Haven

14       Adult Bible Study & Potluck – 6 pm

15       JOY Group – 5:30 pm

17       Gracious Giving Ministries – 9 am

18       FATHER’S DAY

           REFRESH – 9:00 to 9:45 am, Elective Classes – 9:30 am, Morning Worship – 10:30 am

18-20  Get Acquainted Camp at Hidden Haven

21-22  Overnighter Camp at Hidden Haven

21       Adult Bible Study & Potluck – 6 pm

25       REFRESH – 9:00 TO 9:45 am, Elective Classes – 9:30 am, Morning Worship – 10:30 am

28       Adult Bible Study & Potluck – 6 pm


Summer Sermon Series – “Summer in the Psalms”

Mike and Matthew are asking each of us to read 14 Psalms each week this summer.  The sermons will come from one of the Psalms from each week’s reading.  For example:  The first week of June (June 1-4) read Psalms 1-14.  The sermon will be taken from one of these.  The next week (June 5-11) read through Psalms 14-28: the sermon on June 11th will be taken from one of these.  And so on throughout the summer.  What a great way to read through the Psalms and to be ready for what we’ll be studying on Sunday mornings!

Stock the Pantry

June 11th  is the last day to bring donations to stock the pantry at Hidden Haven Christian Camp.  There is a sign-up sheet at the back table for specific items and quantities to bring.  By donating these items, it helps to keep the cost as low as possible for our children to go to camp.  A box is in the main lobby for your contributions.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Hidden Haven Camp Schedule

June  4- 9         Junior High

June 11-15       Junior 1

June 18-20       Get Acquainted

June 21-22       Overnighter

July  9- 14       Junior High 2

July 16-20       Junior 2

July 23-28       High School

If you haven’t registered your child/children for Hidden Haven Christian Camp, there is still time!  Please check the schedule listed above.  The church pays half of each camper’s registration fee one time per summer for children who attend Westside regularly.  In Order for this to go smoothly, Matthew must use the church card.  Please see Matthew with any questions you might have!


A Thank You Note

A big thank you to everyone who donated or bought things at the Youth Garage Sale.  (Also the the adults who helped at the sale!) The kids made $1,200.  PTL!  And they have met their fundraising goal of $3,000 for their CIY-MOVE trip in July!



 4         M.R. Hershey

            Kylie Osborn

13        Michelle Traxson

17        Austin Coffey

18        Lily Rutherford

23        Julie Traxson

26        Lois Hershey

27        Kathy Alford


June Anniversaries

 2         Ray & Ashley Rutherford

 5         Ron & Tina Coffey

12        Mark & Joan Barg

14        Bob & Tonya Kriebel


Please keep Scott and Vicki Smith, and family, and Chuck and Angie Atkinson in your prayers in the loss of Scott’s and Angie’s father, Kenny Smith on              May 26, 2017.

Mission Minded

By Sean K Rook

“The moon is much larger than it appears to be. This is worth remembering because next time you are looking at the moon you can say in a deep and mysterious voice, ‘The moon is much larger than it appears to be,’ and people will know that you are a wise person who has thought about this a lot.”  Douglas Adams

This quote is from one of my favorite authors whose sense of humor is much like mine or mine is much like his, only now he has passed away and will be given much more acclaim than usual.  The quote does sum up the way many people put knowledge to use.  That is to say they learn something not to actually do anything with it but to trot it out at appropriate or inappropriate moments to impress.   It would seem that we have all experienced it or maybe been the one who knew the useless or superfluous bit and could be thought a wise person.   I have also heard another quote that goes “Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” Abraham Lincoln or Mark Twain (both are credited with the statement.)  And more recently I found one by Will Rogers “Never miss an opportunity to shut up.”

It has become nearly everyone’s process lately to think that the world needs their opinion or cares what their opinion is.  There truly is only one opinion that matters and that is God’s.  It will be his standard by which all of our actions will be judged and the punishment will be incredibly harsh, any opinion or action that goes against God’s will result in the death penalty.  We need to listen and listen critically to what others are saying.  Many people who purport to be experts are really quite wrong when it comes to biblical teaching and interpreting God’s word.  If, however, we go on about the incredibly obvious statement that the “moon is actually larger than it appears” we shall lose credibility and any opportunity to lead to a real and lasting change or more correctly the chance to plant a seed.  

 As Will Rogers points out, it is often the words that are not spoken which will have the most value.  God’s word is full of the words of God, the Prophets, the Son, the Disciples as well as the actions of all of them.  I find that the words (unless coming from the Creator or his Son whether directly or spoken by one of their vessels) have to be backed up by the works as well.  As an example, the words of Paul have great value to us now and they were revered by the people of his time. Yet, if his actions did not back up what he spoke he would be little remembered.  He spent his life after that memorable interaction with Christ in Acts on the mission field and working through so much trouble including beatings, shipwrecks and imprisonments.  Without that true commitment who would really care?

 Our life is to be ‘on’ mission!  Not just talking; doing, serving, leading, and teaching by example. Sometimes that takes words. Just be sure your words are well chosen and learn when to be silent.