The Light

I woke up early to take this sunrise picture over the Gulf of Mexico.  The bottle I found washed up on the beach added a nice touch to the image.  Of course I was hoping to find a message rolled up inside but to my disappointment, none was found.  This image draws my hope to this verse in 1 john 1:5.  Inside this verse is a message of hope that never disappoints.   The message is clear:  God is Light and in Him there is no Darkness at all.  I love mornings because they bring with them so much hope.  Have you noticed the first words out of our Fathers mouth at creation?  They were, ““Let there be Light”, and there was Light”.  And He has never stopped providing us significant light for all the darkness this world brings.  The Light’s name is Jesus and He is the Light of the World.   Do you need some light in your situation?  

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