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The Westside Way
February 2020 Edition


The Westside Way

February 2020

 1         Prayer Walk – 6 am to midnight

 2         REFRESH – 9 to 9:45 am, Electives & Prayer – 9:30 am, Worship – 10:30 am

            Super Bowl Party for Jr. & Sr. High Teens – 5 pm

 3-11    Mission Trip to Haiti

 5         Girls of Grace (4th & 5th Grade Girls Only) – 5:30 pm

            Potluck Dinner – 6 pm – Bring a covered dish and/or dessert to share!

            Adult Bible Studies – 6:30 pm

 6         JOY Group – 5 pm

 9         REFRESH – 9 to 9:45 am, Electives & Prayer – 9:30 am, Worship – 10:30 am

            Jr. & Sr. High Teens – 6 pm

12        Girls of Grace (4th & 5th Grade Girls Only) – 5:30 pm

            Potluck Dinner – 6 pm – Bring a covered dish and/or dessert to share!

            Adult Bible Studies – 6:30 pm

15        Graceful Giving – 9 am

            Valentine’s Banquet in Fellowship Hall – 6 pm

16        REFRESH – 9 to 9:45 am, Electives & Prayer – 9:30 am, Worship – 10:30 am

            Jr. & Sr. High Teens – 6 pm

17-19  Preaching & Teaching Convention at Ozark Christian College

19        Girls of Grace (4th & 5th Grade Girls Only) – 5:30 pm

            No Adult Bible Studies Tonight – Plan to Attend Preaching & Teaching!

20       JOY Group – 5 pm

23       REFRESH – 9 to 9:45 am, Electives & Prayer – 9:30 am, Worship – 10:30 am

            Jr. & Sr. High Teens – 6 pm

26       Girls of Grace (4th & 5th Grade Girls Only) – 5:30 pm

            Potluck Dinner – 6 pm – bring a covered dish and/or dessert to share!

            Adult Bible Studies – 6:30 pm

February Birthdays
8         Diane McCartney

11        Jessica Rucker

18        Lynn Singer

21        Anita Newton

27        Jamie Rucker


Happy Anniversary 

Donnie & Marcy Splechter     –     February 14th


Super Bowl Party! 

Jr. & Sr. High Kids!  We are having a Super Bowl Party on Sunday evening, February 2nd beginning at 5 pm.  Bring finger foods and come join us for a fun evening!  For more information see Conner and Julia Traxson or Nathan and Rachel Tripp.


Preaching & Teaching at OCC – Feb. 17-19

 As in years past we will be canceling the Adult Bible Studies on Wednesday, February 19th so that those who are interested will have the evening of February 19th to attend the main session at Preaching & Teaching.  This year Dave Stone, retired Senior Pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky will bring the message that night.  This is one you won’t want to miss!

If you would like to attend, please sign up at the back table so we can make transportation arrangements.  The main session begins at 7 pm, so we will plan to leave Westside at 5:15.  Bring your own sack lunch to eat on the way.  For more information about the conference, go to www.occ.edu/pt.


Scripture Memorization

How long has it been since you memorized a Bible verse?  Whenever we store away a verse in our minds, it becomes a concealed weapon.  It’s a light, a lamp, a vault of gold, a hive of honey, and a two-edged sword.  It’s available day and night for practical purposes.  It helps us “fix” our thoughts, and we fix our thoughts by fixing them on Jesus ia His praiseworthy Word.

Taken from 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart, by Robert Morgan


A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart.

                        Matthew 12:35 NLT

A Moment with Mike

 This just came across my computer screen.

“The San Francisco 49ers were perfect against the spread as underdogs this season, going 5-0.  The Kansas City Chiefs, meanwhile, posted a strong 10-4-1 spread record when favored.  Something will have to give, as the latest 2020 Super Bowl odds list the Chiefs as one-point favorites, with the over-under for total points now at 54.5 after the opening line was set at 52.5.

With both teams excelling against the number this year, the current 2020 Super Bowl spread is tied for the tightest in NFL history.”

That is a pretty tough decision if you are a betting man/woman.  I have NO interest in putting up any money on either team, but I will be rooting for the Chiefs. However, this got me thinking about another match up.  Jesus Vs. Satan.  Even though we are in the middle of the battle it isn’t much of a match up.

Revelation 17:14 (ESV)

14  “They will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those with Him are called and chosen and faithful.”

I wonder why anyone would bet or root or be a part of the other team.  Yet, he has more teammates than Jesus has.

It just shows us how deceptive and cunning Satan can be.  It also shows us how much work we have to do to convince them to come over to Jesus’ team.  There is a lot riding on this game of life.  It is about time we stop watching from the sidelines and get involved.  2020 is our opportunity to make HIS MISSION, OUR VISION.  What do you say?  “GO TEAM”!!!



Everyone is invited to the annual Valentine’s Banquet at Westside!  The banquet will be held February 15th at 6 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  You can come with a friend, a spouse, or just come alone1

A delicious dinner will be served and a fun time of games will follow!  Donations will be accepted to help with youth trips during the year!  This is probably the biggest fund raiser for the youth!  Childcare will also be provided.  The banquet will be hosted by the Westside Jr. and Sr. High Students.

Be watching for a sign-up sheet at the back table in February!


MissIon Minded –February 2020

You can’t do that, your not…

When I was a teenager, I lacked confidence.  I did not hang out with the popular crowd; more of a Nerd.  During those years my dad said something to me that I still remember.  He said, “Whatever you do, do it like you can.  Wherever you go, go like you belong there.”

When we walk with Christ, we should have a confidence that exceeds our own ability, our own self-limiting thinking.  Paul writes, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  This is what I was being told.  Not that I should fake being confident, it is not fake but real.  If we trust in something greater than ourselves and do not allow others to limit us by what they say, we are who GOD intends us to be.  Please, do not get me wrong don’t take Paul’s writing out of context.  It does not mean you get to do things that are wrong or not in God’s plan for you.  What it means is that when you are doing the work God has called you too, you are limitless.  Remember Paul was shipwrecked, bitten by a poisonous snake, beaten, whipped and imprisoned yet he still can write; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I came across a writing about training fleas.  Yes, fleas.  If you put fleas in a jar they will try to jump out and because they have an amazing ability to jump it would be easy for them to do so.  When a lid is put on the jar the fleas can only jump as high as the lid will allow.  After leaving the fleas in the lidded jar for a few days the fleas “learn” that they an only jump as high as the lid.  The lid can be safely removed and the fleas, although they still have the strength to jump as high as they did before, they will not jump higher than where the lid was.

An artificial, self-limiting thinking comes not from Christ, but from the deceiver.  Many life as though there is a limit to what they can do, because they believed the lie, or were trained that they could not succeed.

Why do we live like the lid is still on the jar?  I am not writing about a prosperity gospel (that is not what this is about).  Nor am I writing about abusing grace as a means to an end (sinning because we are save – read Jude).  We were called to live as though we belong; live as though we are called, live as though we are loved, live as though we can do anything through CHRIST who strengthens us.

I see so many people who fail or are failing who lack confidence because they do not understand life with Christ inside.  Example time:  A friend of mine has a 23-year-old son.  He recently quit a job because the boss was a jerk.  This young man has quit every job he has had because someone else was the problem.  I know that there are bosses in the world who are not good people.  If every job you get has a jerk for a boss, the boss is most likely not the problem.  Living life with Christ inside, we can draw on His strength to do what we need to.  Maybe, change the way a bad boss thinks or more importantly show the world how a Christ Follower handles a tough situation; with confidence that we are being strengthened from within, not destroyed from the outside.

Do what you are called to…with purpose; with strength, with CHRIST.  Sean