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The Westside Way
June 2020 Edition


The Westside Way

June Calendar


  • Morning Worship Online – 10:30 am
  • Morning Worship at Church Building – 10:30 am


  • Elder’s Bible Study in Fellowship Hall – 6:30 pm
  • Ladies Bible Study in Prayer Room – 6:30 pm
  • Marcy’s Bible Study – 6:30 pm (Check with Marcy for Place)


Westside Family Picnic – Sunday June 7th – Following Morning Worship

Each family is asked to bring their own picnic lunch, paper plates, cups, utensils, drinks; blankets or lawn chairs and canopies (if you like).  You are asked to eat with your family group, and after the meal we will have a few games to participate in or watch.  The picnic will be rescheduled if weather doesn’t cooperate!


A Moment with Mike

 The world has rapidly changed.   But unlike the destructive change a tsunami, earthquake or hurricane brings to our surroundings, I think this change could bring something better.  It could be a change like how a forest fire clears all the deadwood and replenishes it with a beautiful landscape.  An opportunity to start afresh.  Or like how spring produces new life within the lifeless, dormant foliage.   

The difference between the two types of changes is found in our God’s desire and purpose.  We should never forget that once He cleared the world like a tsunami clears huts along a shoreline.  Where he killed every living thing, minus eight handpicked people and the animals he put on that very large boat.  I’m not saying Covid-19 is the hand of God.  Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t.  But I am saying God is in the midst of it.   I believe He is in control, but instead of using it for destruction and punishment, he is hoping to use it in a much more gentle and merciful way to call his people to himself.  A desire to show mercy and not demand sacrifice, to bring back to life a dying world. 

Absolutely we have experienced casualties throughout this change, and that has created heartache, but praise God that His desire is to breathe life back into his creation, not to destroy it again.  At least not until His Son returns.   

Matthew 9:12–13 (ESV)

12 But when Jesus heard it, he said, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. 13 Go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.’ For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”


Hidden Haven Camps Cancelled

In a letter from Eric Spaulding, Camp Manager of Hidden Haven Christian Camp, we were informed that camp has been cancelled for the summer.  Here is the statement:  “Due to the unpredictable nature of the Covid-19 and our #1 concern of the safety of our campers, the Executive Board of HHCC decided to cancel our normal camp sessions for June and July.  We are exploring the idea of smaller events or retreats coming up later in the summer or early fall and on into the winter.”


Midwest Pregnancy Center   –  Baby Bottle Fund Raiser

With the way things are currently going our Baby Bottle Campaign will not be able to go on as it has in the past.  With churches being closed or low attendance, collecting money in a bottle is not possible.  So this year we are trying our first ever Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign!

We are asking that you donate in one of these three different ways:

      • Mail in a donation to P.O. Box 981, Independence, KS 67301 (list “Baby Bottle Campaign” as designation
      • Go online at https://secure.egsnetwork.com/donate/29197CC920104ED and choose “Baby Bottle Campaign” as designation
      • Text GIVE to 620-236-6511 and choose “Baby Bottle Campaign” as designation

You might wonder how much change a baby bottle holds.  On average it will hold $25 worth of change.  No matter how much you give, all donations are appreciated and goes to support your local Pro-Life Ministry in Coffeyville and Independence, Kansas.

Last year we were able to raise over $15,000.  What a blessing that was to our ministry and the families we serve!  Nobody has to give a lot, but if everyone will just give a little it will make a huge impact!   Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to minister to families in and around our communities.  Our Baby Bottle Campaign runs through Father’s Day, June 21, 2020.


Mission Minded….A Stone

I am part of a group doing an on-line study with Dr. Shane Wood on the book of Revelation.  This study is taking us deeper into Revelation than I have gone before looking at the heart of God and how he cares for us, walks with us and desires for us to be with him in the union that was lost, because of a union with death and how a new union that restores connection with God through Christ’s resurrection will once again bring us; restore us to that which was once dead to us.

One assignment has been to pick an object from the book of Revelation that we can keep with us or see many times a day.  Something that reminds of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirt.  I chose a rock. For some of you that may not be a surprise, however, it may need some additional explanation.  We see rocks, stones, throughout the book of Revelation and over and over again in the rest of God’s Word.  Stones in revelation are presented in the throne room of God early.  God himself is described as shining like beautiful stones in chapter 4, And he who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian, and around the throne was a rainbow that had the appearance of an emerald  Even the floor; and before the throne there was as it were a sea of glass, like crystal. A sea that does not move, chaos that does not dare show itself in His presence. 

John was given a stone, a white stone with a new name written on it, that only he knew. A new creation in God’s presence.   

Stones or rocks are around us all the time, many wear stones as adornment what we call precious or semi-precious ones; diamond, ruby, sapphire to amethyst, citrine, carnelian.  Some stones are cut to make buildings, stacked to make waterfalls in back yards.  Some stone is transformed by man’s hands into liquid that returns to a hard state.  Yet every stone is different some nuance to it that sets it apart from every other one, the chemical makeup is the same for each kind of stone, yet there are imperfections or minute amounts of something else present that causes a variation.  The variation can reduce the value of the stone or may increase its value.  In an earthly sense man decides which ones have the most value.  In scripture a stone’s value is placed by who holds the stone. The value set by God is incredible for it is also said that when none will worship Him, the stones will.

Jesus himself picked up a stone in the street and asked those gathered if any of them were without flaw, sin, condemnation or in union with death.  None answered, they walked away.  Every day we pick up a stone and throw it.  It may not be a literal stone, one that is in your hand that has weight. Most likely a figurative stone; that once hurled, breaks a union.  

The last vision of stones in the Word is that of the NEW city.  The walls are made of precious and semi-precious stones, ones that once were used to adorn us, now adorn a place of perfection.  A place that many will walk through and not marvel at the walls, or the streets or the size of the buildings, they will marvel and worship the three in ONE, who sits emanating light as those living today have never seen.  Seated on the throne is the ONE who is more precious than any stone.                                                                                                 By Sean Rook


June Birthdays
 4      Kylie Osborn                          24      Julia Traxson

         M.R. Hershey                                   Emmett Traxson

         Heidi Wene                            25      Lois Hershey

13      Michelle Traxson                     27      Kathy Alford

18      Lily Rutherford                       30      Rachel Tripp

23      Julie Traxson                                   Conner Traxson


June Anniversaries

 2      Ray & Ashley Rutherford

 7      Mark & Taylor Wene

14      Bob & Tonya Kriebel