Let me introduce you to our faithful dog Zuri.  She is my oldest son Micah’s dog.  Micah has never had a real passion for animals growing up.  So you can imagine our surprise when he came home with Zuri, a month before he went off to college.  I think he subconsciously was attempting to help his mother and I cope with his absence by replacing himself with Zuri.  I say subconsciously because he won’t admit to it.  Zuri is a very good dog and we are happy to have her, but I secretly hope the other kids do not find it necessary to replace themselves when they leave.  Ironically though, in a small way, it does help me remember and think of Micah more often with Zuri’s presence during Micah’s temporary absence. Do you realize God gave you the Holy Spirit as a gift to help you? (Act 2:38ff)   Jesus sent Him when He left, after His resurrection and accession, to comfort us, help us remember Jesus’ teachings, and guide us in making Jesus glorifying decisions today.  I am thankful for Zuri, but even more thankful for the Holy Spirit.  Have you taken the time to get acquainted with the Holy Spirit?  Start by acknowledging His presence in your life today and thanking Him for being so faithful.   

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